Think Green

Just Think Green

Going green is healthier for your family, pets and the environment in your home or businesses. At 1Clean Air we care about the earth and our non-residue green cleaning technology means no chemicals, no harsh or toxic products use in cleaning your carpets, ducts, upholstery and natural carpet cleaning process.

We work together to create a sustainable impact for our future generation. We raise awareness and educate the population on the importance of a world with clean air.

Think Green

Green Cleaning Products – Ecologo Certification

If you have chosen an eco-friendly lifestyle for your home, you will want to consider hiring a professional cleaner that specializes in green duct & carpet cleaning, like 1Clean Air.

In addition to conventional cleaning services, 1Clean Air offers green cleaning solutions through Breath Green® Program. These solutions can be used in part or for all of your cleaning services, based on your environment and needs.

1Clean Air professional green services means that certified green products are used and best environmental practices are adhered to every carpet & duct cleaning job we do. 1Clean Air is committed to maintaining and improving practices that minimize the impact on our environment.

Healthy, Safe, Organic Ingredients to Improve Your Life

A green home and workplace has been found to be safer for visitors, families and employees. Also, in many cases, green cleaning processes are better for house and facility.

For example, regular cleaning agents have a tendency to be caustic, wearing out surfaces over time and decreasing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings.

Here is why 1Clean Air Breath Green program focuses on reducing all the hidden dangers of cleaning products such as chemicals, harmful emissions and exposure to caustic agents with:

  • Safe and non toxic cleaning process
  • High-Capture HEPA filters
  • Efficient water-use practices — using only enough water to get the job done, reducing waste.
  • Environmentally-friendly waste water collection and disposal.
  • Healthy way to keep you home clean