Duct and Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Brockville

You’ve procrastinated all summer to clean your ducts and now you really should do it and are unexcited? Winter has come and gone and now the leaves, dirt and dust are stuck in your ducts and have become a solid substance? You are unsure on how to clean your ducts: "Do I need a ladder? Do I need a blower? Do I need gear?" You don’t need to ask yourself all these questions: you only need to call 1Clean Air now.  Once an appointment is made, one of our professionals comes by your house, bringing his or her own equipment 1Clean Air certified. We have special gear, good blowers and sturdy ladders: you won’t need to keep an eye on us, because we are experienced and know how to clean ducts quickly and well.
You may have carpets on all your floors or just a couple of individual carpets. It has been proven time and time again that dirty carpets can affect the health of the house or the apartment occupants. How? Because of all the dirt and dust particles that are floating around in the air and that breathing in by the residents. To get a good price and professional carpet cleaning, call 1Clean Air now!

Commercial Duct and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Brockville

Are you an owner a small to medium business or even a large business? Are you also an owner of a building? If yes, you should know that 1Clean Air offers commercial duct cleaning services for all sorts of buildings. Considering the amount of work that is required to clean commercial ducts, we think it is a better option for you to entrust us with this duty. Certified, experienced, equipped, our professionals will clean your ducts in record time.
Commercial carpet cleaning is also part of our area of expertise. You should contact us now to get your submission on commercial carpet cleaning as well as one commercial duct cleaning.

Residential Duct and Carpet Cleaning Experts in Brockville

1Clean Air is the one and only reference when it comes to cleaning carpets or ducts. We are experts in both areas. We know very well that ducts are an essential part of the good workings or your roofs: without it, you would get water damage not only on your roof, but also on your walls. Ducts facilitates the irrigation of water away from your house. As for carpets, whether it is carpeted floors or individual carpets, our technics are unparalleled. We are equipped for any situation and our experts are well trained for the task.
So, if you are in need of professionals to help you clean your ducts or your carpets, the answer should and will certainly be 1Clean Air!