Duct and Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Carleton Place

Ducts are easy to forget: they are essential to your roof, yet they are usually not taken care of very well. Leaves, dirt and dust can easily get stuck in your ducts and prevent them from working correctly. If you want your ducts to be clean for a long time, you should contact 1Clean Air. We are experts in duct cleaning of all sorts. We are well organized, professional and efficient. Should you have any question before or after the appointment, we make it a priority to always be available for our customers. You only need to call us or write to us.
Carpets can get dusty overtime. Since they are a prominent part of a lot of houses, we offer a cleaning solution for carpeted floors as well as for sectioned-off carpets. You want to have your entry carpet cleaned up? You want also want your carpets clean? In Carleton Place, 1Clean Air is the reference for carpet cleaning. Our experts are certified and so is our equipment. Our employees are pleasant and punctual, and know everything there is to know about carpets and carpet cleaning: you only need to ask!

Commercial Duct and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Carleton Place

1Clean Air also offers the duct cleaning service for commercial buildings. Considering the length and height of most of those kinds of building, we think it is important to have a solution for customers that can’t risk cleaning their ducts themselves. Our experts received formation upon formation, so they’re safe at all times when cleaning ducts: we have special safety procedures.
Commercial carpet cleaning is also part of our service: for vast carpeted rooms, we offer efficient, quick and almost silent cleaning. Call us or write us now to get your commercial carpet cleaning submission!

Residential Duct and Carpet Cleaning Experts in Carleton Place

Unsure about how to proceed to clean your duct? Unequipped to go up your ducts to get the leaves, dirt and dust out of it? Too busy to clean your ducts by yourself? Whatever the reason, know that 1Clean Air is the solution to residential duct cleaning, wherever you are in Carleton Place. Not only do we know the area well, we also know how to evaluate how long will be the cleaning, based on the lay of your house terrain.
You vacuum and vacuum to no avail? It seems as though your vacuum isn’t efficient anymore and you couldn’t be bothered to buy another one? It feels dusty and stuffy in your house? Carpet cleaning may not be the easiest task on the list, but it is essential for the health of the respiratory systems of all the occupants of your house. Contact 1Clean Air for a full-fledged cleaning of your carpet and a better lifestyle.