Duct and Carpet Cleaning Specialists in Kemptville

Kemptville is a communication in the municipality of North Grenville in Southern Ontario. Our Ottawa team moves quickly to this part of the Capital Region. For duct cleaning in Kemptville, we're your expert. We cover all areas around the Highway 416 (Veterans Memorial Highway) in the Ontario region.

Are your ducts getting full? Has it been a couple of years since you’ve emptied your ducts? Are you afraid of roof damage because of your heavy ducts?

It is recommended to clean your duct at least once a year, even only partially with your hands. Ducts are efficient when mostly empty; that is why you need to clean them every year. At 1Clean Air, we assure you a full clean up and a steadiness that will see your ducts last years on end. If you have any questions for us, we are always available to answer by phone or by email: duct cleaning is our area of expertise.
Are your carpets full of dust? Are your carpets marked from the weight of pieces of furniture? Does it smell stuffy in your house? Look no further, because 1Clean Air offers ideal solutions at a competitive price. We all must admit that carpets are difficult to take care or, not only because they’re at our feet all the time, but also because they don’t seem dirty unless dust starts to form on top of it. The cleanliness of your carpet affects the health of the respiratory systems of your family, that is why it is essential to clean it at least once a year, if not twice.
1Cleanair is the solution for both problems. Our experts are certified in the cleaning of ducts and carpets, experienced from years of practice and punctual, sympathetic and efficient. You don’t have to be one of our long-time customers to call us: we’ll answer all your questions with great pleasure.

Commercial Duct and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Kemptville

For bigger duties, you’ll might want to consider bigger help. Of course, it is possible for anyone to clean their own ducts and carpets if they are well equipped and well informed on how to do it. However, when it comes to the commercial use of ducts and carpets, the same cannot be said, because commercial ducts and carpets are much bigger than their residential counterparts. Our experts will clean the ducts of your business without flinching and in record-time. Thanks to our professional equipment, our 1Clean Air employees will make you rediscover the real colour of your carpet and will make you discover the satisfaction of clean carpets and clean air.

Residential Duct and Carpet Cleaning Experts in Kemptville

Do you need a helping hand with your ducts?
We all know that they are out of the way, quite high attached to your rooves: you might need help. If so, 1Clean Air is the one and only reference in the region of Ottawa. Strong from our many years of experience and professionalism, we are reputed from Kemptville to Carleton Place for our efficiency, for our clean carpets and clean ducts and for the warmth of our experts.
Contact us now to get more information on our services, our region of service and our prices: we will be pleased to talk with you about your needs!