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Clean Your Duct, Avoid Illness

Do you own your own ventilation system and feel as though its efficiency has dropped overtime? Do you sometimes suffer from fits of coughing and don’t know why? Have you noticed dust accumulating on your furniture?

If you have said yes to one or more of these questions, it might be time to clean your duct. Here’s how to proceed in 9 easy steps:

Step 1 –  Cover the Supply Registers

The supply registers are the little openings that supply heat to the rooms of your house. You should cover the supply registers with paper towels. This way, you’ll keep all the dislodged dust from getting into the rooms as you clean your ducts. You simply need to remove the lift register, wrap the paper towel over the top of it and replace it in its usual position.

Step 2 – Turn on the Fan

Considering you are cleaning the ducts, you want the dust to move along and not get stuck in the corners of your ducts. That is why you need to set the thermostat to “fan on”, and shut off the “heat/cool” mode so that only the fan is running. In the case of this alternative not being available to you, you can also run the heat.

Step 3 – Check the Filter

Make sure that your current furnace filter is in place and functional, because you don’t want the dust you knock loose to end up getting pulled into the fan motor.

Step 4 – Loosen Dust in Ducts

This step is the most important one, because the better you loosen the dust, the better your ventilation system will work afterwards. With the help of a brush, clean the inside of your ducts by removing any buildup of dust.

Step 5 – Clean Supply Registers

Now is the time to remove the paper towels from your supply registers. The dust that you’ve knocked loose should be clogged up into your supply registers. You only need to go throw all your rooms and clean your supply registers; go as far as you can into the register’s piping with your hose.

Step 6 – Clean Return Air Registers

Sweep and clean out your return air registers. As with the cleaning of your supply registers, brush and clean as far back as you can into the piping of your return air registers to maximize your cleaning.

Step 7 – Shut Off Fan and Furnace

Shut the fan off at the thermostat and the power off the furnace via the service switch or breaker panel.

Step 8 – Clean Out Blower Compartment and Return Air Boot

This is where most of the dust will be clogged up. Once the fan and the furnace are off, use your vacuum to clean the buildup of dust. You’ll need to remove the panels on the front of the furnace to access the blower compartment and return air boot.

Step 9 – Replace the Furnace Filter

Now that the dirty work is done, to make sure that all wasn’t for nought, get yourself a better furnace filter and replace your old one: this way, you’ll significantly cut down on the dust in your home.