How to Clean Your Gutter and Avoid Water Damage

Gutters are forgettable. They are a part of any normally functioning house and usually permits the water to flow off the roof and away from your home. However, clogged and filled gutters won’t do what they are intended for. With time and, consequently, with debris, leaves and dirt filling your gutters, you’ll may end up with damaged if not broken gutters, and water damage in your house, in extreme cases.

To avoid such frustrating things, we advise you to clean your gutter yourself. Note that you can also hire professionals to do so, however it is an easy and accessible job; you just need to take the time and put the efforts in.

Gutters are attached to the edges of your rooftop: you’ll consequently need to gain height to effectively clean them. A ladder does it; make sure your ladder is secure before climbing or that someone spots you while you are cleaning the gutters.

The conventional method to clean the gutter is simple, but requires a couple of specific tools. A leaf blower can get rid of most of the debris, leaves and dirt that have accumulated overtime in your gutter. However, we advise you to buy a gutter cleaning kit, which is composed of various adapters that will help you access narrower areas of your gutters. The gutter cleaning kit is made so that it fits on multiple leaf blowers and other machines of the sort.

We also recommend you to dress accordingly. To avoid dust getting in your face and dirt on your clothes, wear a mask and a cleaning suit. Make sure to be thorough as you clean up your gutters, so that you don’t have to do it a couple of times a year. Usually, gutters that are close to trees will fill up quickly, whereas gutters that don’t have anything above them will fill up slowly. You could consider hiring professionals to cut tree branches to get rid of the problem at its source.

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