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Furnaces and Warmth

Furnaces provide heat and keep us warm at home during the colder months. The household heating system ensures that the temperature around the house doesn't get too cold and that its occupants don’t get adverse health effects. The furnace is central to our life at home. That is why furnaces are common features in Canadian homes, especially in Ottawa. As the furnace takes care of us, we should also take care of it.

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Why your Furnace needs cleaning

Dirt accumulates in the furnace and has to be removed. Dirt causes the furnace to burn inefficiently, thus making it unable to provide enough heat. It can also cause the emission of smoke, which carries significant health risks. Dirt affects all three essential components of your furnace, so cleaning regularly is an integral part of routine maintenance. The three parts of the furnace that should be cleaned are the filter system, the blower, and the motor.

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The cleaning process is divided into four steps:

1Clean the exterior: The external part of the furnace is exposed to dirt like dust and cobweb. Dust off the exterior and remove any other dirt.

3Clean the filter: Inspect the filter first after removing it, to see whether it is dirty or damaged. If it is damaged, you will have to replace it. If it is dirty and not disposable, wash it with clean water and soap. Let it dry before putting it back.

2Clean the blower chamber: Openings in the blower are often clogged with dirt and have to be cleaned up. To access the blower, remove the panel that covers the filter. Insert the toothbrush and carefully brush off the accumulated dust inside the blower. Then, with the vacuum cleaner hose, remove all the dirt and debris loosened by brushing. You can add oil to lubricate the blower motors if you have any.

4Clean the combustion chamber: Open up the combustion chamber and clean the block with the toothbrush. Scrape off accumulated dirt and use a damp cloth to clean it off. You can also use a vacuum to suck off the dirt you scraped off.