Insulation Removal

Insulation Removal

Professional & Safe Insulation Removal

Reduce noise disturbances and improve the energy efficiency of your business establishment with top-notch insulation removal services.

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Commercial Insulation Removal Services

Understanding Insulation Removal

Ensure the thermal efficiency of your commercial property by investing in premium attic insulation. Despite being overlooked by many property owners, insulating your attic is a simple and cost-effective upgrade that yields significant benefits. Quality attic insulation not only guards against heat loss but also leads to substantial savings on energy bills each month.

Take advantage of our complimentary, no-obligation inspections and benefit from our unmatched warranty covering all our services.

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Insulation Removal Solutions for Your Property

Insulation Removal Services

The necessity of insulation removal often escapes the minds of property owners, tucked away and unseen. Yet, to ensure optimal energy efficiency, it’s crucial to remove outdated insulation properly. At 1 Clean Air Insulation, our experienced team specializes in efficient insulation removal to pave the way for new, high-quality insulation installation. If you suspect that your property requires insulation removal, don’t hesitate to reach out. Discover how 1 Clean Air Insulation can improve the comfort and efficiency of your space!

We specialize in the safe removal and replacement of various types of insulation, enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and ensuring your comfort in every season.

Enjoy complimentary, non-commitment inspections, and rest assured with our unparalleled warranty covering all services.

Why you should have your commercial property insulated

When your commercial property is well insulated, you will:

Spend less on energy

Feel more comfortable in your home

Have less humidity around

increase the market value of your house

Help care for the environment

Need insulation removal? 1CleanAir will help you.

The best thing to do when you retrofit or renovate your property is to remove old insulation before you layer new one. This will ensure that you get optimal sealing and ventilation from your new insulation.

But when removing insulation, there are a few risks to avoid:

At 1CleanAir, our insulation removal experts have the equipment and the skills to help you remove old insulation thoroughly, quickly, and with minimal inconvenience.

By working with us, you will make sure your new insulation yields optimal results.

Need attic insulation removal? We’re here for you.

Removing attic insulation is serious work. Not only you need to make sure you remove old insulation thoroughly — you could actually be dealing with polluted insulating material, such as asbestos or others.

This is why it’s important to have a professional do the job. They will remove dangerous materials while making sure nothing will be left behind that could harm yours and your employee’s health.

Besides, using the services of an attic insulation removal expert means that any necessary repairs and retrofits will be spotted and carried out before layering new insulation.

If you need to have your attic insulation removed, the expertise of 1CleanAir is at your service.

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Attic Insulation Removal for Businesses

A dynamic commercial landscape, timeless buildings abound – but with age, comes the need for modern upgrades. Insulation is often a hidden hero in maintaining building efficiency. As such, older structures may harbor attic insulation that has surpassed its lifespan. Upgrading your attic’s insulation is more than an improvement; it’s a necessity to curb energy waste and heat loss that fluctuates with the seasons.

At 1 Clean Air Insulation, we’re more than contractors; we’re your energy efficiency partners. We specialize in retrofitting attics with the latest insulation techniques suited for commercial architecture. Whether you own a heritage storefront or a sprawling office complex, we’ll tailor an insulation solution to your needs. Considering an insulation update? Connect with the 1 Clean Air Insulation team for a consultation to explore our comprehensive attic insulation solutions for the commercial spaces.

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Got Questions? We’ve got Answers.

When insulation material gets old, it no longer works optimally, and allows humidity and cold to go through instead of blocking them. This is why you need to remove it and replace it with new insulation. In other cases, your old insulation material may contain unhealthy substances, or it may have become a nest for pests, so that removing it is a matter of keeping your home or workplace a healthy place.

This depends on the size of the insulated area, and the type of insulation in place. In order to know how long it will take to remove and replace your insulation, contact us – we’ll be happy to provide you with and estimated timeframe for insulation removal based on your specific conditions.

Insulation removal is a physically demanding job, and it requires knowledge, experience, and the right equipment. So while technically you can remove your insulation yourself, we would not recommend it unless you fulfill those three requirements – otherwise you could harm yourself, expose yourself to polluted materials or disease-transmitting pests, and damage your house and equipment.

Yes. Besides protective gear such as a face mask, gloves, and goggles, it’s necessary to have the right tools for the job. These include, but are not limited to: a ladder, a commercial-grade insulation removal vacuum, and dumpsters to dispose of the old insulation and any debris.

Again, this depends on the size of the insulated area. We’ll be happy to give you a quote for insulation removal services, so just contact us and request one.

This depends on the type of insulation you have, and whether it was installed in an optimal way. Spray foam insulation can last more than 30 years for instance, while fiberglass tends to lose effectiveness after around 20 years — and if not installed properly, it can be up to 8% less efficient.

Typically, attics are insulated with one of two materials – Blown Cellulose Insulation or Fiberglass Batt Insulation – or a combination of both. Each type demands specific removal equipment and supplies for an effective cleanup.

Blown Cellulose Insulation: This insulation type, recognizable by its brown or gray color, features a loose, easily crumbled texture. It calls for a strategy that can handle its unique consistency.

Fiberglass Batt Insulation: Often found in hues of pink, yellow, white, or brown, this insulation takes the form of thick mats, measuring around 2 feet by 4 feet and varying in thickness from 4 to 12 inches. The removal process for this material type requires a different approach, given its structured form.

While commercial-grade equipment might not be necessary, the right selection of tools ensures the attic insulation removal process is conducted efficiently and effectively, leaving your space primed for a fresh start.