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Get professional cleaning of paint lines or booths that will keep healthy and clean environment in your company.

1 CleanAir can provide various services for paint booth and line cleaning, for you to have clean, safe, and optimal air handling equipment in your premises. We utilize modern tools and eco-friendly detergents to eliminate the hardest stains without harming your spray painting chambers or pipelines.

Trust 1Clean Air For Your Paint Booth & Line Cleaning

About Our Industrial Paint Booth & Line Cleaning Services.

Think of your paint booth and line as a living thing. It must breathe for proper functioning. Overspray can be likened to a smothering cloth that inhibits inhalation. That is where 1CleanAir’s paint booth and line cleaning services come to play. In a gentle manner, we utilize dry ice blasting to take away oversprays and other contaminants. The beauty of your shop is brought back to how it was during the initial days.

This dry ice blasting technique is non-abrasive, non-conductive and non-sparking which makes it safer to use in the paint environments. The system is also quick and reliable hence it will not take you long to get back to work.

Here’s a story about how dry ice blasting helped one of our clients:

In the automotive industry, a client was unable to maintain a clean condition of their paint booths and lines. The overspray was accumulating on the walls, the flooring, and the machinery, and it was beginning to lower their work.
To try and solve this, the client attempted to utilize different cleaning techniques with no avail. When 1CleanAir approached them, they were ready to quit.
Our well-trained technicians went onsite to the clients’ facility to wash their paint booths and lines. In a couple of hours, we managed to get rid of overspray as well as other contaminants with dry ice blasting.

Incredible results left the client speechless. Paint booths and lines appeared as good as new, while their quality of work increased at once.

If you find it hard to manage your paint booths and lines then contact 1CleanAir today. Inhale and exhale again, and we shall assist you in revisiting your workplace.

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Our 20 years experience in dry-ice paint booth & line cleaning.

Highly Trained Technicians

We have a team of experienced professionals.

State of the Art Equipment

Our products ensure top quality using the latest machines and methods.

Customer Service

Our goal is to give a high quality service throughout the process.

Cleaning Paint Booth for The Industrial Purposes Using The Dry Ice Blasting Method.

Dry Ice Blasting is one of the most efficient ways to clean paint booths and lines. Dry ice blasting technology employs compressed air to propel dry ice pellets at high speed against surfaces in industrial paint booths. This is one of the most efficient methods of cleaning dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles out of your machines without damaging them.

Dry ice blasting is considered as a non-abrasive cleaning method whereby CO2 pelletizes are used to remove scale or build-up from surfaces.

Dry ice blasting has a number of advantages over traditional cleaning methods, including:

It is more effective

Even tough contaminants can be blasted off using dry ice blasting.

It is faster

This method of cleaning is much faster than using the traditional procedures.

It is safer

Dry ice blasting does not involve any harmful chemicals or abrasive materials.

It is environmentally friendly

On the other hand, dry ice blasting does not produce any secondary waste.

We provide dry ice blasting for industrial paint booths at 1CleanAir. The knowledge and experience are all encompassing for our team of experts who ensure that they deliver excellent output every time.

Paint Booth and line cleaning: why so important?


Improved Paint Quality

Improved paint quality results from clean paint booths and lines. Grease, grime, and overspray build up can also interfere with the curing and lead to paint defects such as peeling.

Potential disaster

The draw of the exhaust fan may spread grease or fire throughout the exhaust system when it exists in the ducts.


Increased Energy Efficiency

On the other hand, clean paint booths and lines are more energy efficient as compared to dirty and old paint booths and lines. This happens since the airflow is increased, making the paint to dry up faster.

Accumulated Hazard

The system becomes less capable of cleaning air with time as filters and ductwork get clogged.


Reduced Downtime

Downtime is also reduced through routine paint booth and line clean up. This helps to avoid the grease, grime and overspray which are capable of causing the paint booths and lines to fail to work.

Reduced risk

Exhausts can be clogged up with mold, and mildew, all of which can lead to illness in those consuming the food produced by the kitchen.


Improved Health and Safety

Overspray can contain harmful chemicals that can pose a health hazard to your employees. Regular paint booth and line cleaning helps to remove overspray and improve the air quality in your workplace.

Neglected risk

Any kitchens found not in compliance will be closed down until they are brought up to code, which could lead to permanent closure.

Total paint booth maintenance

Total paint booth maintenance is a comprehensive program that helps to keep your paint booths and lines clean, efficient, and safe. This program includes the following services:

Regular cleaning:

1CleanAir uses a variety of cleaning methods to remove grease, grime, and overspray buildup from your paint booths and lines. We also clean all of the associated equipment, such as fans, filters, and ducts.

Inspection and repair:

Our technicians will inspect your paint booths and lines for any signs of damage. We will also repair any damage that is found.


We will perform regular maintenance on your paint booths and lines to ensure that they are operating properly.

Paint booth and line cleaning is important for a number of reasons. It can help to improve paint quality, increase energy efficiency, reduce downtime, and improve health and safety.

If you are not having your paint booths and lines cleaned regularly, you are putting your business at risk. Dirty paint booths and lines can lead to a number of problems, including poor paint quality, increased energy costs, increased downtime, and health and safety hazards.

Industrial Paint Booth Cleaning at 1CleanAir

1CleanAir offers a comprehensive range of paint booth and line cleaning services, including:

Dry ice blasting

Another non abrasive cleaning method uses dry ice pellets to remove accumulation from surfaces. Paint booths and lines can be cleaned safely and effectively without causing any damage.

Chemical cleaning

Chemical cleaning is used to remove stubborn buildup that cannot be removed with dry ice blasting. We use a variety of environmentally friendly chemicals to safely and effectively clean your paint booths and lines.

Hand cleaning

Hand cleaning is for cleaning the parts that cannot be cleaned using dry ice blasting or chemical cleaning. Thereafter, our technicians will apply various hands tools to clean these sensitive areas.

First, 1CleanAir is a top service provider in clean-up for paint booths and lines. Our highly skilled workforce is properly trained and certified using modern technology and non-hazardous chemicals to efficiently wash off your paintbooths or sprayline. We are also aware that our clients’ businesses must remain operational and therefore, we help you select a time frame that works with your organization’s schedule.

OSHA and NFPA Compliant

Certified Installers

We Make It Right

Financing Available

Affordable than traditional methods

Benefits You Can't Ignore


Improved paint quality

Improved paint quality is a result of clean paint booths and lines. This is as grease, grime or overspray buildups will hinder the paint curing process or result to paint defects.


Increased energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is higher when having clean paint booths and lines compared to dirty ones. The reason behind this is that it enhances airflow, thereby enabling the paint to dry faster.


Reduced downtime

Downtime can be reduced by regular paint booth and line cleaning. This ensures that no grease, grime, and overspray builds up in the paint booths and lines, which would otherwise render them nonoperational.


Improved health and safety

Some oversprays may carry toxic substances which expose your employees to health risk. Cleaning paint booth and lines on a regular basis helps to remove overspray and improve the quality of the air at work place.

Got Questions? We’ve got Answers.

How frequently should my paint booths and lines be cleaned?

Your paint booths and lines must get cleaned on a regular basis taking into consideration what kind of paint you use, how frequently you utilize your paint booths and lines and overspray level. It is however, better to clean your paint booths and lines once in every quarter.

Another non abrasive cleaning method uses dry ice pellets to remove accumulation from surfaces. Paint booths and lines can be cleaned safely and effectively without causing any damage.

One, CleanAir is the forefront provider of paint booth and line cleaning. Our team of trained, certified and highly experienced technicians utilises modern equipment and non toxic detergents to ensure safe and efficient cleaning of your paint booths and lines. We are also aware of the significance of avoiding downtime, which is why we schedule our cleaning services in such a way so as to avoid inconveniencing you.