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Our professional duct cleaning and courteous 1Clean Air cleaning staff are the best when it comes to customer service. Our thorough services ensure that your ducts are free from dust, debris, and contaminants, promoting healthier indoor air quality. With our expertise, we prioritize the cleanliness of every duct, delivering exceptional results for our valued customers.

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NADCA Certified Air Cleaning

We take our job with great pride in ensuring that all our duct cleaning technicians are certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). It is one of our top priorities to have certified professionals in all 1 Clean Air locations.

NADCA certification is a prestigious credential that acknowledges a technician’s knowledge, work and proficiency in conducting HVAC ducts system inspections and maintaining proper hygiene. We follow the high standards set by NADCA to deliver high end cleaning services.

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    The 1CleanAir Blog​

    As an experienced duct cleaning service provider, we welcome you to our comprehensive cleaning blog. It is your go-to resource for understanding how professional services can transform your living spaces. Dive into insightful reads about the latest techniques used in heating, furnace and cooling system project by expert service providers. Our articles plan to enlighten you on how these projects manage water and ensuring optimal air quality and a healthier home environment. Air ducts are an important part of your home, read about it!

    Ductwork FAQ

    How often should air duct be cleansed?

    Enhancing home and cleaning the air quality involves regular HVAC maintenance, including duct cleaning to remove dust, debris, and bacteria. Typically done every three to five years, the frequency might vary for homes with allergy sufferers, pets, or recent renovations. Visit our website for more information on our products and services, ensuring a healthier living experience for our customers.

    Your regular 6-room home has


    times more
    polluted air
    than outdoor air.


    pounds per year of allergens
    according to the EPA.

    How much is duct cleaning?

    The cost of duct cleaning varies depending on several factors such as the size of your duct system, the extent of cleaning required, and the specific conditions of your vents. Generally, the price is calculated based on the number of vents and the complexity of the system. Our professional cleaners ensure that your ducts are thoroughly cleaned, providing you with efficient and high-quality service. For a precise estimate to gets ducts cleaned, please contact a ductwork cleaning team on our contact page with details about your home’s duct cleaning needs.

    How do I know if my HVAC need to be checked?

    Duct cleaning and  hvac system is important for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC ducts system. It involves removing dust, dirt, and allergens from your ductwork, which can accumulate even with regular filter changes. Key signs that your duct need cleaning include excessive dust, pest infestations, recent home construction or renovations, and rising energy costs. A professional cleaner uses specialized equipment to thoroughly clean the ducts, also checking for issues like leaks. It’s advised to hire a certified duct cleaning professional for this task to avoid scams and ensure quality work.

    Does washing air ducts really make a difference?

    Ensuring a clean and healthy home environment, air duct cleaning plays a pivotal role for air quality. This process not only removes dust, but significantly reduces moisture, which can foster mold growth for years in your home. Professional services in Canada use advanced techniques, making each job a thorough experience. The result? Enhanced indoor air quality, directly impacting your well-being. So, yes, this is a service that once you get, you might wonder why you didn’t get it years ago.

    Where does 1CleanAir duct cleaning service is available?

    Our duct cleaning services, such as dust removal service, hvac system maintenance, air duct service and other home cleaning work is available in Montreal, Kingston, Cornwall, Ottawa, Gatineau and Toronto. Get a quote and book online to experience our service.