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1Clean Air Offers On-site and Off-site Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are magnificent and can make an unbelievable centerpiece in any room for homeowners. All the rugs are made differently and should not be cleaned the same way. Your Oriental rug represents a significant monetary and personal value and that you would never trust this task to simply anyone, or even try a DIY cleaning. For this reason, professional and quality cleaning is highly recommended. 1Clean Air has the experience and expertise necessary to remove dirt, stains and other unwanted filth from the delicate fibers of your rug.

Let Us Do the Work

Because of the intricacies of the oriental rugs, it is highly recommended to let our specialists do the cleaning. Our highly trained cleaning technicians all have many years of experience of safe and efficient Oriental rug cleaning. We specialize in environmentally friendly cleaning as opposed to rugs with harsh chemicals will affect its quality and later durability.

1Clean Air has developed proven techniques to safely, gently and efficiently remove all pollutants, allergens, deep stains and dirt out of your rugs.

Benefits Of A Professional Area Rug Cleaning:

  • All natural products offering the most advanced cleaning technologies.
  • No residue so your rugs will stay cleaner longer.
  • Restores the original vivacious colors and sensation.
  • Specialty spotting methods.
  • No damage to delicate fibers with our safe, non-toxic cleaning method.
  • 1Clean Air cleaning will extend your rug's lifetime of your rug and secure your investment.

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Area Rug Cleaning Process

1Pick Up & Pre-Inspection: To identify soiling conditions and determine fiber construction for proper cleaning method. Ensure that your rug can be effectively cleaned without damaging it.

4Rugs Carefully Rinsed With Residue-Free: Preventing from re-soiling. Depending on the type of rug, soils will be thoroughly rinsed from your rug with extraction equipment or flushed with a specialized wand in a rug bath designed especially for area rugs and Orientals.

7Post-Inspection: To ensure rug is properly cleaned cleaning specialist will give the rug a final inspection and release it for delivery.

2Pre-Vacuum: This is a crucial step and often skipped part of rug cleaning (by less experienced providers). To achieve pristine area rug results you first have to take out the dust and dirt. Your carpet will be prudently vacuumed on both sides to dislodge and remove bonded, insoluble dry soil and all loose particulates.

5Forced Air Drying: Rugs will be sited in extensive drying room to preserve natural colors and fibers. After soil removal, the rug may be dried flat on our specialty rug drying platform or suspended to dry on our rug tower in a climate controlled environment. Inadequate or partial drying or wet cleaning of rugs could cause prolonged drying, texture change, fiber browning and color migration.

8Rugs are then ready for delivery: Your beautiful rug just got better with 1Clean Air.

1Clean Air Ottawa Area Rug

3Rugs treated with color-stabilizer: Preventing color from fading and bleeding. Color testing is a significant and detailed portion of the cleaning process. Each color is tested for stability and quality of dye. This will guarantee that your area rugs colors, will not bleed out or run together and will also ensure the colors of your valued area rug remains bright and fresh.

6Fringe Cleaning Or Correction: Some rugs need additional fringe cleaning or correction after the initial cleaning. We have special techniques and solutions to restore the original color to the edge. We never use chlorine bleach which causes degradation and permanent damage to the foundation fiber.