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Cleaning your air ducts with 1Clean Air

Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home. The air you breathe is carried through the duct work, then out through vents and recirculated 5 to 7 times per day, on average. If your ducts are poorly maintained, they are likely contributing to unhealthy air and higher energy bills. This reason is why ventilation system cleaning is so important. Every time an unclean system activates, you breathe dirt' dust, allergens, and bacteria.The best way to enhance and improve the quality of indoor air quality in our homes is with air duct cleaning and restoration. Different things need to be kept in mind before embarking on the journey of cleaning your home.

Indoor Air Quality and 1 Clean Air Ottawa

Air contaminants circulating in homes include dust, hair, and pollen. Most of these contaminants move with the air and make duct areas their point of landing. The dirt lands as many times as possible, leading eventually to clogs in the HVAC unit. The case worsens if more people share the same ductwork. With this, the efficient running of HVAC system is quickly affected.

Commercial Duct Cleaning

1Clean Air has been a trusted provider of commercial duct cleaning since 1985.

Whether you are looking to improve your facility’s indoor air quality, save money on energy, or provide a cleaner, healthier work environment for your employees, commercial duct cleaning can make a difference.

In all types of commercial buildings, you will find contaminants, like dust, bacteria, and mold, accumulating in a building’s HVAC system and ductwork over time.  It is easy to neglect dirty air ducts and coils but they create costly issues for property managers, facility managers, and building occupants. Continuously circulating dust, mold, and pollen can lead to reduced employee productivity, illness, tenant dissatisfaction, and even turn customers and clients away from your business.

1Clean Air Ottawa Duct Cleaning 1Clean Air Ottawa Duct Cleaning

We Have Completed Hundreds Of Commercial Duct Cleaning Projects In:

  • Hospitals and universities
  • Critical care facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • High-security facilities
  • High and mid-rise buildings

Industrial Duct Cleaning

Neglecting industrial plant ducts by giving little or no care for cleaning provisions and routine checks. If most of these systems are regularly checked and properly cleaned, the rate of sudden faulty development and thousands of dollars in production cost could be significantly reduced. There is a high tendency of debris attachment to industrial-grade machinery. If debris is allowed to accumulate for an extended period, the affected machine could be damaged. However, making it a point of duty to engage personnel to do thorough hygiene inspection and cleaning would increase safety and health conditions, prolong machine lifespan and improve performance.

1Clean Air Ottawa Duct Cleaning

Most duct systems that require cleaning in industrial buildings are exhaust systems associated with dust collectors. Dirt causes more problems as it continues to build up over time. Also, the accumulated dust can cause friction for more dirt to pile up. This accumulation of dirt or debris represents a safety hazard as it may cause a fire.

Dirt can also affect system operators. They can become sick or exhausted as a result of contact with exhaust flows in their workstations. One of the reasons why duct cleaning services are required is to help reduce production loss, costly fires, and employee health concerns. 1Clean Air Ottawa are experts who are always there to give a thorough and extensive cleaning of your plant and other machines to develop a ductwork cleaning schedule that fits your safety needs, as well as your budget.

When it comes to solving indoor air quality issues, 1Clean Air Ottawa are experienced cleaning specialists. We are ready to take our time and make a thorough inspection to understand each customer's concern.

There is no doubt that better air is essential for life as we try every means possible to get the best quality of air in our homes and our businesses. It is evident that dirt becomes easily clogged, making it dangerous as it builds up over time. These contaminants may cause allergies or asthma to people exposed to them. Cleaning the HVAC system regularly is the best remedy to improve apartment air. With the thorough cleaning of ducts, not only will the HVAC system will work efficiently, but the occupants of your building will also enjoy less health and safety risks and discomforts.

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Duct Cleaning Process

1Our technicians will show up at your home or business on time in a 1Clean Air branded vehicle.

2Our crews will begin with pre-cleaning inspection and consultation.

3Your home will be prepared for air ducts cleaning, ensuring all vents and returns are accessible placing a protective cover guard for all wall and flooring where necessary.

4Our specialist will seal all cover vents or return before the duct cleaning starts to ensure there is no loss of vacuum suction through ventilation system cleaning.

5Next, we use a HEPA- filtered vacuum with 15 000 CFM to systematically clean, if necessary: furnace, evaporator coil, blower, vents cover.

6Two hookups in the basement and then we will connect our 8" vacuum hose to your main trunk line, which will collect dirt dust, debris, mold and other contaminants lodged deep in the ducts system.

7A variety of high pressured compressed air tools will be inserted into each air duct to ensure all the dirt and debris is dislodge, which will be collected in the containment unit.

8Once the duct cleaning is done, we will carefully seal access holes in your main trunk line, put a new high-efficiency filter and will make a final inspection with before and after photos if requested.

9We ensure your satisfaction and make sure all your questions are answered.

10When finish, our technician will leave your home the way it was. There is no mess and everything will be at his original location.

Tools & Equipment

We use state of art equipment brushes to provide your home with the cleanest system possible. High pressured compressed air whips are inserted into the duct work to dislodge the dirt and debris. There is no dust, bacteria’s, renovation or any construction debris that resist to our high-efficiency process.


We are glad to be one of the only company in Ottawa that use natural products to disinfect your ducts system. Most of our competitors in Ottawa use deodorizer to ‘’disinfect’’ ducts but customer be aware! Deodorizer is not disinfectant it is only a perfume; it doesn’t eliminate bacteria’s of other contaminants. Don`t hesitate to ask for the MSDS sheets to see if the product is dangerous or simply useless. We know your wallet takes a hit as well but a healthy living environment as no price. Click here if you want more information about our 100% natural ECO-Product.
We have four customs Power-full truck mounted units, 15,000 CFM suction power collector device and 250 PSI compressor. This vacuum system is the strongest you can find on the market and it does exceptional results for cleaning residential ventilation system cleaning.
If there is a bad smell in your duct or if you think the air doesn’t circulate as well as it should, it is possible something is blocking the way. It can be in the duct system, dryer, stove, bathroom fan vent, we are equipped with a 50 ft. Infrared video camera to inspect deep inside the pipe.