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Keep your home safe and clean it ANNUALLY

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Unclean dryer vents are a safety hazard

At 1Clean Air, we are concerned about your security. Cleaning the lint of the dryer vent is imperative for this reason. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 15,000 fires each year in North America caused by dust built up in a dryer vent. We ALWAYS recommend cleaning your dryer vent on a yearly basis because it will reduce the risk of having a dryer fire in your home or your business!

Leave It To The Professionals

Cleaning your dryer is not as simple as you may think. Let us inspect your laundry room and we could determine whether or not you are safe when using the dryer. We have certified technicians that can examine your dryer machine, the length of the exhaust duct and if your laundry room is secure.

Tell Tale Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs To Be Cleaned

  • The dryer is producing heat, but the time it takes to dry clothes takes longer and longer
  • When a cycle is finished, the clothes are still damp
  • After a cycle is complete, the clothes are noticeably hotter than usual
  • The outdoor flapper on vent hood remains closed when the dryer is running