Industrial Wall Cleaning

Industrial Wall Cleaning: Make your walls look like they did before.

Just let 1 Clean Air do the job for you and have those beautifully shining clean walls that stay.

Visualize visiting either a company’s office, warehouse or the industry premise with white walls totally clean without dirt, no oil and no stains at all. How nice is that view?

Sadly, however, industrial walls get dirty easily and turn ugly if there are many people passing through or it has some heavy equipment. That’s where 1 clean air comes in.

We Tackle Tough Cleaning Jobs

About Our Wall Cleaning Services-Industrial.

One of the well known companies that provide quality efficient wall cleaning services.
Our experience personnel are equipped for years with the ability to revitalize the beauty of your wall surfaces.

By using the most advanced technology and equipment, we guarantee the safety and efficiency of all our cleaning procedures in order to satisfy every client completely.

We are experts at washing high walls which is more than what other cleaning services can do.

We have undertaken many projects as diverse as hotels, apartment house, office buildings, historic landmarks, town halls, shopping mall, parking garage and so forth.

1Clean Air is determined to ensure its customers receive superior service tailored according to their distinct requirements. Our commitment towards ensuring quality service is evident in whatever task we assign ourselves.



Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

We can also perform emergency cleaning of your home’s ceiling, wall, or floor if required fast to avoid expensive repair work.


Highly Trained Technicians

In cleaning your ceiling, floor, and wall, we deploy only proven time-honoured steps complemented by our own product formulation and methodology.


First position in the Cleanup and Restoration Industry

We are renowned as leaders of trust in the field of restoration and specialize in fire and water damages, specialty cleaning, molds etc.


Easier Insurance Claims Process

 1 CleanAir will take your insurance claim through and liaise with all required documents in an effortless way.

Walls need washing, too

Maintenance of your walls begins with keeping them clean. Ignoring your walls does not restrict it only to a situation where it leaves it susceptible to dirt, dust and scuff mark that results into premature death of the paint job on the walls. Besides promoting good health in the workplace, frequent industrial wall cleaning could also prolong the life span of the walls. Over time, dirt and grime erode surfaces thus making walls vulnerable to damages. Washing your walls helps to protect them from weather elements and other dangers and maintains their attractiveness for many years. Through this approach, 1 Clean Air uses environmentally friendly wall cleaners to maintain the purity of breathable air within the office so that you don’t risk losing your employees due to poor health.

Why Choose 1Clean Air?

Comprehensive Cleaning

High-level access equipment allows for the thorough cleaning of walls.

Potential disaster

Ignoring lead paint risks could lead to life-threatening accidents and extensive property damage.

Enhanced Aesthetics

High-level access equipment allows for the thorough cleaning of walls.

Accumulated Hazard​

Over time, dirt accumulates in hidden corners, creating a ticking time bomb for your business.

Improved Indoor Air Quality​

Removing dust and debris from elevated surfaces prevent particulates from settling and circulating in the air

Inefficiency & risk

Lead paint not only jeopardizes safety but also affects your business efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Reduced Hazard

Regular wall cleaning helps to remove dust, dirt, and other debris that can accumulate on walls.

Neglected danger

Don’t wait until it’s too late – address the danger of lead paint and dirty walls now.

Why Wall Cleaning Matters

Though industrial wall cleaning is usually neglected, it is one way to ensure safety and production within the work area, setting. Pollutants and allergens associated with dirty, dusty and grimy walls can cause several health issues among employees.

Moreover, soiled walls create an additional challenge in examining for possible dangers that may lead to incidents. Getting your walls professionaly cleaner prior painting is necessary as it will prepare them in a way that the primer and paint adhere well.

1Clean Air is equipped to undertake the arduous task of washing your wall, floor as well as ceiling surfaces. Our company employs special cleaning products and techniques to ensure your place is cleaned in accordance with the highest standards. This means the entire property will come out clean and fresh after we leave our mark.

Moreover, clean industrial walls not only make an industrial environment look appealing, but also they improve work conditions. Dust, dirt, and other contaminated materials can cause eye irritation, nose and throat irritation, as well as various severe diseases. Regular cleaning of industrial walls will go a long way in maintaining clean air that is healthy for work.

Wall washing, inside and out

1Clean Air covers everything about a safe and reliable way of washing the walls.

At first sight wall wash¬ing may be perceived as the simplest chore; however, in order to achieve perfect results one should possess the pertinent equipment and apply the necessary methods. Otherwise, there will be smudges, soap stains, and finger prints.

1Clean Air is an expert in complete wall cleaning. We have specialist teams which handle every aspect of the cleaning process including; planning and environmental permits, traffic management, and waste water removals/containments.

Our licensed EWP operators and spotters are competent to clean rooftops and even the basements which are the lowest level of heights or depths. We have over one decade of experience in cleaning facades constructed differently using diverse materials such as stone, brick, concrete, render, metal, colorbond, and wood, which helped us develop the ideal approach for every cleaning project.

Our expert teams will guarantee that all dirt, smoke, bird poo, algae, moss, weeds, etc., are completely off both interior or exterior walls of the building.

We use elevated work platforms, cranes, swing stages, abseiling, scaffolds, and telescopic equipment in our well-planned projects.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore


Cutting-Edge Cleaning

Cutting edge wall cleaning services for commercial establishments; with highest level of safety & efficiency.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning

With an environmentally friendly procedure, we avoid the dangers of wall washing and maintain a safe operational atmosphere.


Clean & Safe Environment

Modernised wall wash technology; meticulously providing clean & safe commercial environments.


Cleaner Air Quality

We improve your air by eliminating the lead paint from your environment. This helps lower hazard chances, such as a fire or an explosion.

OSHA and NFPA Compliant

Certified Installers

We Make It Right

Financing Available

Affordable than traditional methods

Got Questions? We’ve got Answers.

How frequently should interior walls be cleaned?

You should thoroughly clean your facilities’ walls every one year but you could as well do less intensive cleaning every other day. Washing walls before painting the touch-ups is generally recommended because it helps the paint stick to the surface.

Clean windows and walls keep your facility as clean as possible for your clients, visitors, and workers. Additionally, they play a role in stopping dust, bacteria, mold, and other decaying agents from destroying the structure and causing it to deteriorate.

Yes! Working with 1Clean Air, you can expect technicians that are trained, certified and up-to-date on common best practices. We have an OSHA trainer on staff, and our technicians have been through OSHA 10- or 30-hour training. We also have Council-certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIE) and Council-certified Microbial Remediators (CMR) on staff. For a full list of certifications please visit our About page.

Yes! We are a National Service provider that is familiar with proper facility cleaning solutions. No matter where you are located, we have your facility cleaning needs covered. Contact us today to learn more.

Yes! After each project, 1Clean Air can create a project report for you summarizing the work that was done. Each report will include before and after pictures. Please tell your account rep that you want a project report!