Leaky ducts is the #1 cause of energy waste in commercial buildings.

Our advanced Aeroseal commercial duct and air sealing technology will help you experience comfort, save some money on gas bills, and contribute to the protection of the environment

AEROSEAL COMMERCIAL DUCT SEALING partners with 1 Clean Air to bring award-winning duct sealing technology to commercial buildings in Canada.

Proven Technology Backed by a Trusted Team

ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) and contractors consistently rely on our comprehensive solutions to address airflow challenges.

Our experienced team has successfully executed commercial projects both domestically and internationally. Our cutting-edge technology has played a pivotal role in enhancing comfort and energy efficiency across various sectors, including hospitals, hotels, universities, municipal buildings, military facilities, and offices.

Originally developed in 1994 by Dr. Mark Modera at the Berkeley National Laboratory, Aeroseal’s technology has received support from the U.S. Department of Energy. We continue to advance our award-winning solutions based on extensive field experience.

Proven Duct Sealing Technology, Guaranteed Results

The Aeroseal system is the foundation of our comprehensive process. It was created by scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, with partial funding from the DOE and EPA. With more than 20 years of use in the field, our technology has a safe solution for any building type.

Safe & Certified

Verifiable, Guaranteed Results

Reduce Energy Consumption & Cost

Duct sealing addresses multiple sources of energy waste. For example, by reducing leaks 15%, fan requirements drop by 40% or more. This saves thousands of dollars every month. Aeroseal increases HVAC fan efficiency and eliminates excess ventilation load to reduce energy costs. It is a verifiable and guaranteed way to offer energy savings with typical payback in three to five years

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Leaks in the return duct allow dust and other contaminants to be sucked into the duct system and spread throughout the facility. And exhaust fans
can’t remove contaminated air from the building if there are leaks in the ventilation shaft.

Improve Building Ventilation

Leaky ductwork is the primary cause of ineffective building exhaust. In addition to causing problems with uneven and uncomfortable temperatures, this can lead to higher energy costs, and added maintenance costs

Meet Code & Spec

As duct leakage specifications get tighter and tighter, Aeroseal is specified
as a routine component of commercial projects. Our consistent results will take you from hoping to knowing that you’ll meet code requirements – the first time.

Why Duct Sealing Matters For Energy

$2.9 Billion

Annual energy cost from duct leakage

75% of Buildings

Have 10-25% duct leakage

75% of Buildings

Have 10-25% duct leakage

#1 Energy Saving

Have 10-25% duct leakage

Our 4-Phase Process

Phase 1

Audit & Evaluate

Data gathering and site inspection for an efficient and effective project plan.

Phase 2

Test & Plan

Quantifying ductwork leakage and running our energy model to ensure plan success.

Phase 3

Repair, Clean, Sanitize & Seal

Customizing solutions to reach project goals and meet each building’s specific needs.

Phase 4

Measurement & Verification

Tracking and verifying project work digitally before issuing a certificate of completion.

Discover the Impact of Duct Sealing

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Looking to enhance your commercial HVAC system’s performance? Experience the transformative power of duct sealing through real-world examples. With our case studies, you’ll see:

Take the first step towards an efficient and eco-friendly HVAC system. Download our in-depth commercial duct sealing case studies!

Download our in-depth commercial duct sealing case studies!

AEROSEAL technology is backed by Breakthrough Energy Ventures

“Aeroseal’s technology addresses a challenge found in every building: energy waste caused by undetectable and unreachable leaks”

– Breaktrough Energy Ventures

“For decades, the problems associated with duct leakage in commercial buildings have typically been underestimated for one simple reason – fixing the problem has been a highly expensive and intrusive proposition.”

– Neil Walsh, ASHRAE Technical Committee Member, 2015-Present

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