Commercial Ceiling and Rafter Cleaning

The experts in commercial ceiling and rafter cleaning.

1Clean Air provides exhaustive ceiling and rafter cleaning in order to ensure that your business remains cleansed, protected, and productive.

We have professional technicians who adopt modern tools and methods to wash even the tough places in the ventilation system to eliminate dust. Keep Your Commercial Space Clean and Safe with 1CleanAir’s Ceiling and Rafter Cleaning Services.

The Silent Danger Lurking in Your Ceilings

Revive Your Facility with Commercial Ceiling and Rafter Cleaning.

When you walk into a commercial facility, it’s easy to focus on what’s in front of you. But there’s a silent danger lurking above, in the high ceilings and out-of-reach areas.
Dust, dirt, and other debris can accumulate on support beams, piping, ventilation ductwork, and various other surfaces. This buildup can cause a number of health and safety problems, including:

Respiratory problems

Inhalation of airborne dust and other particles may lead to irritation of the lungs and some breathing problems such as bronchitis and even asthma.

Allergic reactions

Allergies may cause symptoms including sneezing, coughing, or even itchy eyes when exposed to dust and other allergens like airborne allergic particles.

Fire hazard

This combustible dust might accumulate on surfaces and pose danger of a possible fire.

Electrocution hazard

Dust accumulation will also cause other problems as it can serve as a conductor of electricity and hence create an electrification hazard for electrical equipment.

A healthy environment in the high-rise building can only be preserved through routine duct cleaning. 1 Clean Air is the premier service provider for high rise building air duct cleaning services. We employ modern technology and methods to clean even the tenacious dirt, dust, and grime off your duct system.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore


Safety First

Airflow may be impeded by dirty air ducts, thereby causing loud HVAC functioning. Duct cleaning may aid in sound minimization and general pleasantness of your building.


Cleaning Experts

Highly trained and experienced team specialized in removing dust and debris from ceilings and hard-to-reach areas.


Pass Inspections

There are some HVAC manufacturers who have included in their warranty agreement that they insist that air ducts be clean for them at least annually. Air duct cleaning is crucial to protecting your investment and ensuring that your HVAC system is running at its peak.


Advanced Cleaning

Ultra-modern ceiling/rafter cleaning equipment and techniques for top-notch cleaning.

The 1 Clean Air Advantage

1 Clean Air is the ultimate expert in utilizing advanced technology to turn commercial areas into immaculate sanctuaries. We have a group of skilled individuals who refresh vital components such as the rafters, beams, lighting units, external ducts, ceilings, racks, decks, shelves, and the outer covers for the pipes among others with ultimate accuracy and professionalism.

We don’t clean, we refresh your business.

How come businesses don’t clean their ceilings frequently?

First, it’s difficult and dangerous. The ceilings tend to be high making them uncomfortable and falling objects are common occurrence. That’s where 1CleanAir comes in. All sorts of high surface cleaning are safe for us with the necessary tools and expertise.

We use a variety of methods, including:

High-powered vacuums:

We have fitted our vacs with HEPA filters so that you can breathe clean air as well.

Brushes and scrapers:

We employ brushes and scrapers in order to eliminate the difficult dirt and trash.

Air compressors:

Air compressors help us shake off tough stuck particles in places that are difficult to reach.

We also offer a variety of additional services, such as:

Ceiling and rafter cleaning:

Vaulted ceilings; exposed ceilings; suspended ceilings as well.

Lighting fixture cleaning:

We will make our lighting fixtures at your place look neat and decrease fires risks by cleaning them.

Ductwork cleaning:

We can clean up your duct and enhance air quality as well as reduce the susceptibility to molding.

The Dusty Ceiling Dilemma


Poor impressions

Dusty ceilings can make your facility look untidy making it unappealing to clients & employees.

Potential disaster

Ignoring combustible dust risks could lead to life-threatening accidents and extensive property damage.


Allergen concerns

Unclean ceilings and rafters may harbor allergens, affecting employee health.

Accumulated Hazard

Over time, dust accumulates in hidden corners, creating a ticking time bomb for your business.


Impaired ambiance

Rafter and ceiling debris can enter the ventilation, clogging up the HVAC system. It can create poor indoor air quality

Inefficiency & risk

Combustible dust not only jeopardizes safety but also affects your business efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Neglected Maintenance

Ignoring ceiling cleaning could lead to long-term damage and higher costs.

Neglected danger

Don’t wait until it’s too late – address the danger of combustible dust now.

Did you know that it could actually make people sick, lower productivity in a workplace, and damage your company’s reputation because of dusty ceilings?

Reasons why you should clean your rafters and high-ceilings

Dust is a sneaky invader that may creep unnoticed into different spaces until its impact becomes undeniable. In facilities and workplaces, vibrations can shake loose built-up dust, setting off a cascade of problems that range from contamination to safety hazards.

Transform Your Business with Cleaner Ceilings and Rafters

At 1 Clean Air, we specialize in cleaning the ceilings and rafters of commercial and industrial facilities, with a focus on safety. Our cleaning technicians are trained in high-surface safety and have experience working on elevated surfaces that require specialist staff with innovative equipment due to the difficulty of accessibility.

We use man lifts to safely clean and dust high elevations. Cleaners are provided with PPE and we work around your schedule to avoid disruptions and protect the area from falling dust and debris.

1 Clean Air’s commercial ceiling and rafter cleaning services involve the meticulous removal of dust and debris from hard-to-reach areas, including rafters, ceilings, lighting fixtures, and high storage racks. We guarantee thorough and effective cleaning to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment.

OSHA and NFPA Compliant

Certified Installers

We Make It Right

Financing Available

Affordable than traditional methods

Benefits You Can’t Ignore


Cutting-Edge Cleaning

Innovative Ceiling & Rafters Cleaning Services for commercial businesses, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency.


Cost Savings and Efficiency

Regular cleaning and maintenance of ceilings and rafters can prevent the need for extensive repairs down the line. It also leading to energy savings.


Clean & Safe Environment

Clean ceilings and rafters contribute to a polished appearance, creating a positive first impression for clients, customers, and visitors.


Cleaner Air Quality

Our professional ceiling cleaning services remove hidden dust particles, preventing them from circulating in the air and affecting the health and comfort of occupants